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Smart Bookmark Manager - Automatic Sorting - Drag & Drop Bookmarks - Organized Categories - Access Anywhere On Any Devices. Free!

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What is HomePaw?

• HomePaw is a startpage / homepage to manage your bookmarks.
• It lists all your bookmarks in one page.
• All your bookmarks are in categories. Drag and drop bookmarks between categories.
• Your bookmarks are accessible from all your computers, anywhere.
• Your most visited bookmarks are moved higher in each category (and marked if they are overall most visited).
• Your least visited bookmarks are moved lower in each category (and grayed out if older than x days).
It's free!

Why HomePaw?

• Access your bookmarks faster (sorted by categories and by most visited)
• See all your bookmarks in one page, categorized and in a clean interface
• Access HomePaw on any web device (on your laptop, iPhone, mobile phone, etc.)
• Access your bookmarks anywhere - access your bookmarks from an internet café on vacation... or any other place!


• All your bookmarks in one unique homepage
• Homepage is permanent (never lose your bookmarks again because your computer crashes!)
• Accessible from any device
• Bookmarks are categorized in sections
• Most visited bookmarks appear on the top of the section (default)
• Option to sort links by title or by last visited
• Old bookmarks are grayed out automatically (default: 365 days)
• Drag and drop links between categories
• Add bookmark to HomePaw from the current page you are browsing without typing in the URL
• Overall most visited bookmarks are shown in a special box and also marked in each section (default: 25)
• Edit/delete buttons appear next to each link
• Edit/delete/move up/move down buttons appear next to each category
• Option to set your bookmarks public or private
• Website's icon (favicon) is added automatically
• Foreign characters support
• Option to open links in new tab/window or in current window
• Category boxes are collapsible
• Mobile phones friendly (iPhone, Android, Windows phone)
• Search box - quickly search and find your bookmarks
Homepaw Chrome extension to add links quickly

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